Training Ship Golden Bear Transits Panama Canal


By MarEx 2016-08-05 14:30:31

This afternoon, under the command of Captain Sam Pecota, CMA, the training ship Golden Bear makes a historic passage through the Panama Canal.  The canal is one of the world’s most amazing man made endeavors – a conduit which changed marine transportation as we knew it and enhanced global commerce and trade. Just a small distance away, modern engineering has now provided a parallel expansion which will meet the needs of the future.

On this voyage, the TS Golden Bear carries cadets from California Maritime Academy, Texas A&M Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and the United States Merchant Marine Academy. As she transits from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, this working training ship will be manned by cadets who have come from all over the U.S., representing four academies. This is the first time that the Golden Bear has sailed with cadets from so many institutions on board. 

The business of shipping is a time-honored profession, a profession which goes unnoticed by most and misunderstood by many. The maritime industry contributes to our daily comforts, enables global commerce and trade, and supports national defense and emergency response. It is the backbone of the supply chain which delivers goods to your big box stores, carries automobiles for your local dealership and transports fuel for airlines and cars. As the need for cargo grows,and as seasoned mariners approach retirement age, the next wave of professional mariners prepare and train. One cannot help but pause and reflect upon this historic navigation passage, thinking of those who have come before and celebrating in the accomplishments of the next generation which will take the helm.

Tammy Lobaugh
Commandant Cruise 2, TS GOLDEN BEAR
Executive Director for Operations and Administration
Texas A&M Maritime Academy

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