The NCGMA Reaches an Important Milestone

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By MarEx 2016-11-08 08:54:22

The National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. (NCGMA) announced the presentation of conceptual exhibit designs to the U.S. Coast Guard Museum Advisory Council. The design concepts are the product of a year-long review of Coast Guard history conducted by the internationally-recognized museum planning and design firm, Gallagher & Associates. The review included input from an exhibit advisory panel composed of representatives of over 20 non-profit organizations focused on preserving the history and culture of the United State Coast Guard.

“With the advisory panel members, we gained insights and experiences of those who lived this life,” said Robert Malootian, senior designer at Gallagher & Associates. “That helps us create exhibits that are realistic and depict, in an exciting way, what it means to serve in the Coast Guard.”

The exhibit design organizes the Museum Coast Guard stories around the service’s missions in three major galleries; Security, Safety, and Stewardship. Thematic wings in the galleries merge the exhibits along the following storylines:

• Defenders of our Nation

• Enforces on the Seas

• Lifesavers around the Globe

• Protectors of the Environment

• Champions of Commerce

The Museum will also include an introductory wing, an educational and technology center, and waterfront and rooftop exhibits.

“The exhibits will tell stories of the Service’s rich maritime history and about the courageous and daring men and women who proudly served in the Coast Guard,” said retired Coast Guard Capt. Jon Nickerson, coordinator of the Museum Exhibition Advisory Panel.  “The National Coast Guard Museum will showcase a stunning variety of national maritime artifacts, interactive experiences and educational programs.”

“Presentation of the exhibit design concept is an important milestone in the development of a world-class museum that will honor the Coast Guard’s legacy of service to our nation,” said Rear Adm. Anthony Vogt, director of Coast Guard Governmental and Public Affairs. “We will continue to work closely with the Association in developing the proposed designs.”

NCGMA President and CEO Richard Grahn said, “There is extraordinary commitment to build the world class museum that the Coast Guard and the nation deserve. The input of individuals with personal Coast Guard experience is critical to create an immersive experience and vividly illustrate the stories and challenges of United States Coast Guard in the past, present and future.”

The Museum Association retained interior design contractor, Gallagher and Associates, to develop a comprehensive interior exhibit design concept to “Bring Coast Guard History to Life.”  This important milestone was reached after productive meetings with the United States Coast Guard Advisory Council at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. – a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization – was formed to raise funds and apply for and administer federal and state grants for the purpose of acquiring land, designing, constructing, developing exhibits and turning over to the US Coast Guard a national museum in the City of New London, Connecticut.

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