The Concordia Ship Recycling Project Has Been Completed in Genoa

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By The Maritime Executive 07-07-2017 03:58:30

The dismantling and recycling of the Concordia cruise ship, one of the most important green ship recycling projects ever carried out in Europe, has been completed in Genoa by San Giorgio del Porto, in partnership with Saipem.

The success of these operations represents an additional recognition of the high value of Italian naval engineering, while demonstrating the importance of a ship recycling activity that is respectful of the environment and of the safety of workers, in accordance with the most recent European regulations.

Less than three years have passed since the arrival of the Concordia wreck in Genoa, on July 27th 2014. Below some of the most significant numbers of this project since the beginning of the operations:

- Workforce employed: up to 350
- Total effective hours worked: approximately 1 million
- Companies and suppliers involved: 78 (98% of them are Italian)
- Total recycled material: approximately 90%, equal to over 53,000 tons for almost 4,000 trips to recycling facilities in Italy
- Total dismantled material: 8,000 tons with over 850 trips to dismantling facilities.

Genova Industrie Navali

Genova Industrie Navali (GIN), a holding group established in 2008 by two historic Genoese shipyards, T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto, both founded in 1928, is today one of the most important players in the shipbuilding and ship repair sector in the Mediterranean area, and the first private player in shipbuilding in Italy. Thanks to a network of subsidiaries and established partners, GIN operates in the segment of ships and mega yachts - from construction, to refitting and transformation. The Group has important assets in the ports of Genoa, Marseilles and Piombino.

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