Terragon Announces Contract for Cruise Ship's Waste Management System


By The Maritime Executive 2017-11-15 22:07:56

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. along with its partner, Marship Engineering, are pleased to announce that they have gone into contract with Portugal based WestSea Viana Shipyard to supply one MAGS V8 for the new-build passenger vessel World Explorer. The vessel will be delivered in 2018 to Mystic Cruises. The vessel will carry approximately 200 passengers and 111 crew. MAGS will be the primary technology in managing the shipboard garbage and waste oils; converting it into useful energy for use by the vessel. The implementation of this technology will assist the vessel in achieving the highest emission, waste treatment and no-discharge standards.

About WestSea Viana Shipyard

West Sea is a shipyard located in Viana do Castelo, North of Portugal. Created by the Martifer Group in 2013,
the company is the current sub-concessionary of the lands and infrastructures of the former ENVC –
Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo. The shipyard is one of the most important industrial infrastructures in
Portugal, with docking capacity for large and medium size ships. It is equipped with workshops and lifting
devices for the construction of large modules and equipment. www.west-sea.pt

About Terragon and Marship Engineering

Terragon is a leading environmental technology company that develops and commercializes products to
enable off-grid sustainability. The company’s vision is to enable the “zero-waste discharge” habitat, whereby
all waste streams are used to generate valuable resources for the site that is creating the waste. More
information can be found on Terragon’s website, www.terragon.net

Rotterdam based Marship Engineering is responsible for the introduction and shipboard integration of MAGS
V8 technology within the marine industry for NW-Europe. www.marshipengineering.com

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