Surge in Demand for BASSnet Dry-Docking Software

BASSnet dry-docking software

Published Mar 13, 2024 12:06 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: BASS]

More and more shipping companies are purchasing the BASSnet dry-docking software as a valuable complement to the solution’s Maintenance, Materials management and Procurement modules. The growing list includes Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Wallem, OSM Thome, and Anthony Veder, among others.

“We are pleased to see a surge in demand for BASSnet dry-docking software as we continuously innovate to provide significant business benefits,” says Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director at BASS Software. “BASSnet Projects is designed to save time and costs through seamless integration for end-to-end efficiency. Our holistic approach integrates dry-docking with maintenance and procurement to significantly optimise resources, enhance efficiency, and help companies maintain regulatory compliance.”

He adds, “The system is also valued as it facilitates ship-shore communications for preparing specifications and enables the fleet to tightly manage projects through systematic planning. Ship owners and managers can also take advantage of historical dry-docking data and valuable business intelligence to drive cost-savings.”

BASSnet Projects Enables Process Efficiency Across the Fleet
More maritime industry leaders are seeing the benefits of selecting BASSnet to manage their dry-docking. By using BASSnet to integrate dry-docking activities into maintenance and procurement processes, shipping companies can efficiently streamline operations, minimise downtime, control costs, and ensure the seaworthiness and reliability of their vessels.

Crew can easily contribute to the entire dry-docking process from creating the initial input and drafts of the dry-docking specifications onboard, all the way through to the actual dry-docking at the yard and back to the ship again. 

When sailing, crew have the advantage of full visualization in the onboard BASSnet software of the work done during dry-docking. Significantly, ship staff can consult and display dry-docking history onboard during class inspections, vetting inspections, and so on. 

In addition:

  • BASSnet’s integrated software ties together dry-docking with maintenance and procurement planning, inventory management, vendor management, budgeting and cost control, and data management and analysis, and enables financial control.
  • Vessel Managers can fully control project planning, preparation and execution fleet-wide.
  • Users can efficiently use standard templates or copy previous specs.
  • BASSnet provides a comprehensive database for analysis and business improvement. 

These benefits and more make the BASSnet dry-docking software a highly attractive option to leading shipping companies. With such strong innovations to meet customer needs, BASS Software’s rich customer community is set to expand to even greater heights in 2024. 

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