SureWave Offers Clean Power for Marine Vessels in Port

Aerial view of container ship entering port
Aerial view of container ship entering port

Published Feb 24, 2022 4:37 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ABB]

Clean and highly efficient, ABB’s new SureWave Static Frequency Converter ensures the static, seamless, and automated transfer of power from a ship’s onboard generator to an onshore power source, removing the need to use diesel burning generators when in port. Switching to this next generation of static conversion technology will enable ship owners to avoid fines and taxes imposed for not using shore power once berthed.

ABB has engineered SureWave SFC to be 50 percent smaller than previous models and for added flexibility, it can be installed on the marine vessel or port side. To further increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, ABB’s SureWave can be paralleled or connected to renewable energy sources like PV or wind farms. As frequency and voltage can vary between ports around the world, SureWave SFC allows more flexibility when connecting 60 Hz powered equipment to a 50 Hz supply network or 50 Hz powered equipment to a 60 Hz supply network. In addition, using a power module smart enough to operate as an inverter or rectifier, makes maintenance, stocking, and servicing stress free.

ABB’s SureWave is accredited with the PEP ecopassport, an assessment aligned with the UN sustainability program and ISO 14025 and ISO 14040 to verify a product’s environmental performance. The accreditation considers materials, production, transportation, usage, and end of life. ABB’s SureWave scored class-leading results across its lifecycle due to its superior efficiency and design.

“The shipping industry is under increasing pressure to reduce global carbon emissions and its environmental impact. Many ports are introducing penalties for ships using diesel generators when they are docked. By switching to next generation static conversion technology like SureWave, operators can avoid charges and significantly lower CO2 emissions and noise pollution during their stay,” said Sebastien Surply, Global Product Group Manager for ABB Power Protection.  “During SureWave’s estimated 15-year lifetime, shipyard owners and operators could expect to reduce their CO2 emissions by approximately 350 tons and deliver operational cost savings to port stakeholders in the region of 1.4M USD1 when compared to traditional rotary systems.”

Thanks to its modular design, SureWave SFC from ABB can cover a variety of power sizes. Scalable from 250 kVA up to 2.25 MVA for a single system, it is the ideal solution for small to medium port and shipyard installations, as well as a range of marine vessels ranging from super yachts to super tankers. If required, SureWave SFC can also support higher loads up to 10 MVA with multiple system parallel connections. SureWave SFC also provides market leading overload and fault clearing capabilities and low distortion. Distortion caused by unoptimized power supplies can result in harmonics, unbalance, and low power factor, which lead to higher electricity bills and potential damage to electrical infrastructure.

1 Savings ($) calculation is based on a comparison against rotary FC with about 80 percent efficiency. For savings generated by less cooling, a SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) of 13 was used. The application selected was Shipyards, with a profile of 8 hours per day and 5 days a week, for a 2.25MVA system.

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