SulNOx Fuel Conditioner Trials Record Reduction in Engine PM Emissions

(From left to right): Craig Morris for Hestia, Captain Mark Delstanche of Superyacht Yalla, and Jimmy Redman, Inventor of SulNOx technologies and Co-Founder of SulNOx

Published Jun 16, 2023 7:10 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: SulNOx]

Trials of SulNOxEcoTM Fuel Conditioner undertaken by independent engine emissions monitoring specialist Green Sea Guard B.V. (GSG) onboard superyacht Yalla have shown reductions in black carbon and particulate matter of over 99%, over a one-year program.

Co-founder and CEO of Green Sea Guard, Anita Bradshaw, a specialist in emissions analysis, commented on the results of the trials. ‘We have been involved in assessing many fuel products over the years, however SulNOxEcoTM Fuel Conditioner is truly remarkable as we found a 6,200-fold reduction in particulates in our analysis over hundreds of data points,’ she said.

‘We use state of the art laboratory grade equipment capable of analysing down to the very finest particulate sizes and to give context, the Yalla exhaust data has shown particulates, straight after combustion, reduced to a level three times lower than ambient air in big cities such as London and New York. In addition, our simulation models show a theoretical reduction of fuel consumption of over 5%, just from the full combustion of the particulates.’

Hestia, a Monaco-based distributor of SulNOx with strong ties to the yachting sector, commissioned the study with GSG in collaboration with the Superyacht operator. Captain Mark Delstanche of Superyacht Yalla noted, ‘As a forward-thinking and environmentally aware vessel, we constantly implement changes on board that reduce our impact. We are pleased with the excellent results of this benefit validation program and proudly announce our adoption of SulNOxEco as part of our standard operating procedures and encourage other vessel operators to follow suit.’

Referring to the results of the trial, Nawaz Haq, Executive Director of SulNOx Fuel Fusions, said the significance of GSG's analysis of data ‘cannot be underestimated.’

As he explained: ‘Air pollution from incomplete fossil fuel combustion kills around 8.7 million people per annum and the World Bank estimates health damages at $8.1 trillion, that's equivalent to 6% of global GDP.

‘In addition, the impact of particulate matter and black carbon on ecosystems and global warming are severe and authorities have been strengthening measures and policies to reduce impact. Current discussions at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) propose mandatory measures to reduce black carbon given its impact on melting ice.’

He continued: ‘These ground-breaking test results put SulNOx Group, Superyacht Yalla, GSG and Hestia at the forefront of the fight against air pollution, armed with a solution that offers both environmental and operational benefits. As the world battles climate change and air pollution, we now have a beacon of hope for a sustainable future across all markets where hydrocarbon fuels are used.’

Nicholas Fairfax, a Director of SulNOx Group plc and Head of Marine at SulNOx, also commented: ‘This remarkable reduction in PM emissions and the inferred fuel consumption reductions have enormous significance for SulNOx revenues in the shipping sector. Even a 5% fuel saving for a shipping company is a potential game changer for their profitability, while also giving them a significant competitive advantage in the shipping market.

‘These reductions will further provide shipowners with important help with their CII compliance and other anticipated regulations targeting emissions reductions.’

SulNOx will be presenting at the flagship conference at Maritime Week Gibraltar on 27 June.  The company’s solutions, from solving hydrocarbon fuel use in combustion engines, to storage and waste oil recovery will also be discussed in more detail in a breakout session at MWG on 28 June.  Further supporting evidence from case studies and academic and independent tests will be presented together with the integration of ‘smart DNA’, which facilitates fuel traceability amongst other benefits.

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