South Carolina Ports Welcomes its First Shipment of Chassis

SC Ports welcomes its first shipment of chassis. (Photo/SCPA/English Purcell)
SC Ports welcomes its first shipment of chassis. (Photo/SCPA/English Purcell)

Published Jan 24, 2022 4:29 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: South Carolina Ports]

South Carolina Ports received its first shipment of chassis today, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing development of the SC Ports-owned and operated SMART chassis fleet.

“There has never been more of a need for chassis in the supply chain,” said Jim Newsome, South Carolina Ports CEO. “We found a great partner in Dorsey Intermodal in manufacturing the new port-operated chassis fleet. This is a true reflection of our commitment to creative solutions and ensures efficient and fluid operations as we continue to handle record-breaking cargo volumes.”

This initial shipment delivers more than 700 chassis with another 1,600 expected to arrive in February. South Carolina Ports will continue receiving chassis equipment throughout 2022 as the Port builds its fleet leading up to the full launch of the SMART chassis pool in 2023.

SC Ports continues to work with the management of the existing South Atlantic Chassis Pool, SACP 2.0, to create a smooth transition that will insure uninterrupted service for our ocean carrier customers, shippers, and motor carriers.

“The delivery of these chassis marks a new era for South Carolina Ports,” said Barbara Melvin, South Carolina Ports COO. “With the launch of the chassis pool in 2023, South Carolina Ports will enhance the reliability, safety, quality and availability of equipment for the benefit of motor carriers and customers.”

The chassis arrived at the Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal aboard the Liberty Promise after a 40-day journey from Vietnam-based manufacturer THACO Special Vehicle. Dorsey Intermodal partnered with THACO Special Vehicle to increase manufacturing capacity.

“We are humbled to be part of the team bringing South Carolina Ports’ chassis fleet to fruition,” said JP Pierson, Dorsey Intermodal President. “Through our collaboration, South Carolina Ports is bringing a great product to the supply chain at a time it’s most needed, and providing their customers with reliable and safe equipment. We are grateful for the opportunity and congratulate the entire team on this endeavor.” 

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