Solarglide Offers Year-Round Protection


By MarEx 2016-02-26 23:52:46

Is it better to work in the exhausting heat or suffer in the perishing cold? You may be quick to answer that, yes, you would prefer the heat to the colder conditions. However, the real answer is that both of these temperatures have their extremes that bring difficult weather conditions with them. 

When out in the middle of the ocean, the Sun’s heat can feel at its hottest. There are few places that offer the solace of shade, and as the sun blasts the ship, the ship gets hotter, causing uncomfortable working and living conditions for crew, dangerous glare through the windows and potential problems with equipment.

However, during the colder months, when the heat leaves us, it’s still important to protect ourselves against the piercing winter sun which can almost deem the natural view from the bridge non-existent. Effectively blinding the crew from any form of non-radar navigational ability, it increases the chance of collision drastically.

Solarglide’s SG solarscreens prove their worth all year round. They are the most innovative, and efficient products currently on the market in the maritime industry. The simple screens come in a cassetted and non-cassetted format and are easily retracted when not needed. 

SG Glider reduces the Sun’s glare by up to 93 percent, deflecting the sun’s energy by 83 percent and virtually eliminating the chance of UV radiation, which can be detrimental to crew members who spend most of their time in the bridge or on the deck exposed to hot temperatures and these harmful rays. 

Aside from the main heat and glair reduction benefits, the SG Glider also bestows some other desirable benefits. These include increased security. The SG Glider works on a one-way visual lookout, increasing the view on one side but reducing the view to people on the outer-side or passing by past the window. So, if there are valuables inside, darkened windows provide a level of security. 

Secondly, in reducing the UV rays beaming through the windows your equipment, surfaces, furniture and anything else will depreciate slower. Fade is reduced, and products are maintained in the condition they were fitted and supplied.

Comfortable working conditions should be commonplace in all vessels, yet they are sometimes ignored, sometimes seen as a luxury. Sometimes these problems are not dealt with effectively. They are sometimes bypassed for an alternative short-term cost-effective option that does not protect your vessel long-term, or even short-term for that matter. The expense paid on equipping your vessel with these solar screens will be made up almost instantaneously in the savings that will be made through air conditioning savings and the increased productivity of your crew. 

SG Glider solar screens comply with SOLAS regulations for bridge navigational safety and come with a seven year mechanical defect warranty.


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