Solarglide Introduces New Window Film Range


By MarEx 2016-03-02 10:22:55

Solarglide’s range of six window films offer long-lasting and cost-effective solutions to solar and glare problems, material depreciations and blast fragmentation in the event of a window smash. Read on for some in-depth information about each of our six window films and how they can be of service to you, your crew, and your vessel.

Solarglide’s anti-fade window film eliminates 99.5% of UV radiation, preventing soft-furnishings and fabrics from fading, and unnecessary depreciation as a result of the Sun’s rays. Not only does the anti-fade film protect soft furnishings but it also protects vital navigational computer fittings and interiors from overheating.

Fog can be very dangerous for a vessel both navigationally, and for crew members patrolling the vessel parameters. Condensation can build up on windows, hindering visibility and creating more clean-up work for crew and if left condensation can produce black mold which can lead to throat and lung illnesses for your crew. The SG anti-fog film eliminates interior condensation and prevents the need for costly interior heating systems while also protecting your crew from lung related illnesses.

SG Safety window film can significantly reduce the potential for crew injury in the event of window breakage. The adhesive acts as a barrier, strengthening the window to a point where the window will not shatter, creating a barrier and an invaluable time period to alert authorities in the event of an impending or current emergency.

SG solar film reduces cooling costs by easing the load on any air conditioning equipment in the vessel while also reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Solar films are specifically effective on vessels that operate in tropical climates. Once installed the film reflects away both heat and glare while also providing a completely clear view. Additionally, SG combi film offers a dual-purpose film offering the fragmentation qualities of safety film and the attributes of the solar window film.

Finally, SG Blackout film ensures complete privacy for vessel windows blocking out all visible light transmission and rejecting up to 99% of solar energy. This blackout film is ideal for storage rooms and restricted areas where complete privacy is necessary. This includes cinema rooms and bulkhead windows and are available in black or white only.

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