SodaFlexx, BONTRUP, and Aggregate Industries Accelerate Sustainability

Image courtesy of SodaFlexx
Image courtesy of SodaFlexx

Published Jul 26, 2022 4:27 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: SodaFlexx]

The operators of “Bontrup Amsterdam”, BONTRUP, and Aggregate Industries, have contracted the next generation SodaFlexx dry powder exhaust gas cleaning system. This is after the successful SodaFlexx installation on the vessel “Yeoman Bridge.”
The 96,772 dwt "Yeoman Bridge" was equipped with a SodaFlexx dry powder exhaust cleaning system in early 2021, and it has proven to be extremely efficient and cost-effective.  The SodaFlexx system allows owners to burn HSFO and treats the exhaust gas with simple NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate).  At today’s spreads between MGO and HSFO, the “Yeoman Bridge” is saving in excess of $17,000 per day on fuel costs.
"The transition to an emissions-free future might be a serious challenge, but it is also an opportunity for the business to make environmentally responsible strategic decisions and achieve business goals within sustainability targets. BONTRUP's vision as a worldwide service provider to the maritime & offshore industry is to create new opportunities and innovate with nature. SodaFlexx represents an outstanding innovation, well balanced in terms of cost-effectiveness and environmental impact. We are pleased to expand our cooperation and enhance our environmental strategy with one of the most promising solutions on the market" – Sipke de Vries, BONTRUP Logistics General Manager.    
The absorbent handling and dosing equipment design is based on decades of experience in dry powder handling and ensures that the system doses optimally and safely for the required emissions zone. There are no special construction standards for handling sodium bicarbonate, so no high-alloy steel or unobtainium is required, and all non-proprietary components are off-the-shelf equipment selected for low maintenance operation. 

SodaFlexx has now been contracted for the installation of a dry exhaust gas cleaning system on the 65,402 dwt “Bontrup Amsterdam.”  Detailed survey work has been completed, and installation is scheduled for early September 2022 in Poland.  All works will take place alongside in 3-5 days and no drydock is required for any SodaFlexx system.    
SodaFlexx is also your global partner for sodium bicarbonate delivery and residue disposal and offers supply in most major ports.
"With the maritime industry heavily dependent on oil prices, ship owners are looking for an effective and reliable solution to allow burning of HSFO rather than much more expensive MGO or VLSFO.  Burning HSFO with an exhaust gas cleaning system has proven to be less CO2 intensive than using MGO or VLSFO on a “well to wake” basis, and as most engines were designed to burn HFO, maintenance and lubrication protocols are as intended. SodaFlexx provides innovative solutions that are attractive from both economic and environmental perspectives, and we feel that during the transition to alternative fuels, there is still a need to operate the existing fleet in the most sustainable way possible. We are committed to the environment and the sustainable future of the maritime industry" - Barry Bednar, SodaFlexx CEO.

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