Sidus Creates Subsea Light, Laser and Strobe as One: Dark Saber

Credit: Sidus

By The Maritime Executive 04-02-2019 04:52:17

Sidus has integrated two previous products, the SS182 Light and the SS501 Laser, creating the new SS182 mkII – Dark Saber.  This professional laser, light and strobe combination offers the perfect underwater illumination solution for a vast number of applications.
The Dark Saber, one of the smallest, low current, subsea lights with discrete, high output LEDs has been configured with a distinct all-in-one advantage. Our product provides outstanding brightness, warm color temperature and has a 520µm green laser projector that offers perfect linear illumination. It’s features safe operations in air with intelligent thermal management and is 35 percent lighter than previous version.

Other features:

• LEDs capable of 11,000 Lumens or better and an adjustable 5-100mW line laser
• No acoustic noise = no effects on nearby sonars
• Micro controlled with flicker less constant current
• Depth rating of 4,000m
• Multiple lights/cameras can be controlled by a single serial port, digital or analog inputs or DSC Strobe input
• Compatible with RS485 and RS232 applications
• Used on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), subsea surveillance, Well Head inspections and cinema photography

“New technology, experience and familiarity with the needs of the industry have allowed us to define and engineer this new light/laser combo,” said Sheldon Rubin, Sidus Chief Technology Officer. 

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