Ships Ink & MPS Monitor Srl. Join to Provide Maritime Printing Solutions

Ships Ink. B.V.
From left to right: Ard Schalkwijk, Global Operations Manager at Ships Ink., Mark Kouwenberg, Sales Director at MPS Monitor Srl and Bart Mennega, Global Sales Manager at Ships Ink.

Published Jul 21, 2023 4:04 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Ships Ink. B.V.]

Ships Ink. B.V., founded in 2015 and a leading global provider of maritime printing solutions on board of sea vessels, is excited to announce a partnership with MPS Monitor Srl, a top developer of cloud-based software.

This partnership will mark the starting point of an easy to use online platform based on so-called cloud based printer fleet management software, not only capable to remotely monitor the condition of all network printers which are installed on board of sea vessels, but also to extract the exact usage ratio’s per installed printing consumable in each and every printer.

After collecting all data, the platform will immediately analyse and present the necessary reports, based on which a full printing operation optimisation process can take place.

Bart Mennega, Global Sales Manager at Ships Ink. commented “This software will not only enable Ships Ink. to easily present at least 35-60% savings annually on our customers’ current printing consumables expenditures. On average, each sea vessel has in between 10 to 25 printers on board. Depending on the vessels’ trade area, vessel type and personal preferences, all printers may have different outputs, not necessarily matching the printers’ specifications. We intend to optimise this by not only offering our usual Ships Ink. branded high capacity and high quality printing consumables, but also by offering the right printer for each specific on board location, like the Ship’s office, the Engine Control Room or the Bridge.”

Mark Kouwenberg, Sales Director at MPS Monitor, added “MPS Monitor developed and customised the Ships Ink. printer fleet management Portal in such a way that even the total CO2 emission, mostly based on the power consumption and paper output of a printer, can be calculated and analysed. Thanks to Bart’s insight and understanding of the shipping industry in general, we immediately realised this will be an important added value which Ships Ink. could contribute to the current ESG strategies of Ship Owners and Ship Management Companies, next to minimising and collecting plastic waste coming from empty toners and cartridges which Ships Ink. has been doing already so far.”

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