Shell Ready to Meet Lubricant Customers' ECA Challenges

Harvey Energy

By MarEx 2015-04-14 11:40:09

Since the implementation of Emission Control Areas (ECAs) on January 1, 2015, ships entering waters in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the North American ECA, including most of the US and Canadian coast, as well as the French overseas collectivities of St. Pierre and Miquelon, and the US Caribbean ECA, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have had to use fuels with up to 0.1 percent sulfur content.

Shell Marine Products (SMP) was the first to introduce a complete line of ECA-approved marine lubricants in September 2014. This complete portfolio includes Shell Alexia S3, formulated for use in two-stroke engines with low sulfur and distillate fuels up to 0.5 percent sulfur. SMP also offers Shell Gadinia for medium-speed four-stroke engines like the one in the Harvey Energy, Shell’s new chartered offshore supply vessel (OSV) in the Gulf of Mexico. Shell Mysella for gas-powered engines is used on Shell’s chartered barge Greenstream, the world’s first 100 percent LNG-powered barge which carries goods along Europe’s Rhine River.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the demand that our ECA-approved lubricants have gotten. We have been quick to expand availability of our product range throughout our port network. Today, Shell Alexia S3 is available in over 330 ports in 20 countries, while Shell Gadinia and Shell Mysella are available throughout our global port network,” said Jan Toschka, General Manager of Shell Marine Products.

The combination of newer high-performance engines, practices like slow steaming and now, ECA zone implementation have presented increased complexity among ship operators, who tend to switch fuels and engine oils as they go in and out of ECA zones.

“We see an increased need for technical services, be that in offering used oil analysis programs, helping to interpret and implement OEM requirements, cylinder oil condition monitoring or in assisting ship operators in crew development.  Shell is well placed to provide this support, as we have dedicated technical experts around the world who can help solve customers’ lubrication issues and also improve equipment performance,” added Jan.

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