Rutter Inc. Finalizes Deal with Indonesian Marine Police


By The Maritime Executive 05-29-2018 06:03:06

Rutter is pleased to announce the successful delivery of 11 sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) systems to the Indonesian Marine Police through PT MultiIntegra of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Faced with the need to monitor activity and enforce laws in a vast coastal marine environment, adoption of the sigma S6 system by The Indonesian Marine Police represents a great improvement in their ability to detect and identify small craft illegally performing transshipments from larger vessels when AIS is not present.

sigma S6 STS systems easily integrate with existing on-board navigational radars identifying hard to discover targets that would be otherwise not be detected, a capability that will allow Indonesian Marine Police to more effectively enforce marine law. Long-range cameras, used in concert with the Rutter systems, aide in identification of the objects detected by the Rutter systems.

The Indonesian Marine Police operate out of Jakarta and conduct surveillance and enforcement in Indonesian seas, chiefly in inshore areas. They are primarily responsible for enforcing compliance with maritime laws and regulations, and other civil responsibilities including immigration and drug prohibition. There is known to be a high degree of non-compliant behavior in the Indonesian marine environment. Providing surveillance vessels with enhanced patrol equipment, including sigma S6 high definition radar imaging technology, is a strategy to address this problem.

“The ability to boost the enforcement capabilities of the Indonesian Marine Police, thereby reducing illegal marine activity in the region demonstrates an ideal use case for our STS solution” said Fraser Edison, President of Rutter Inc. “Our technologies are able to integrate with existing radar and camera assets making them the preferred choice for efficient and effective surveillance of the marine environment.” 

Rutter Inc. is an enterprise focused on providing innovative technologies and engineering solutions. Rutter’s global network supplies technologies to improve efficiency and safety in the marine, defense, transportation, oil and gas sectors from its headquarters in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

PT MultiIntegra is a leading supplier and system integrator of IT navigation; sea, shore, and port solutions; simulation and training systems; radio communication including GMDSS systems; Inmarsat terminal and service.

The Indonesian Marine Police are an Indonesian national government agency tasked with the enforcement of maritime laws in internal and inshore waters.

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