Resolve Alaska Shores Up Derelict Barge Moorings in Chernofski Harbor


Published Apr 1, 2021 10:07 PM by The Maritime Executive

A derelict barge moored in Chernofski Harbor (SW Unalaska), Alaska had become unstable as the stern rested on the shoreline with moor lines connected to deteriorating pilings.  

Resolve Marine surveyed the desolate barge grown over with tundra and the shoreline location determining that no suitable mooring locations existed within 0.5 miles.  The barge appeared seaworthy enabling teams to make plans to tow the barge to another mooring location or back to Dutch Harbor.  The immediate need was to secure the barge so it would not relocate during storms and inclement weather.  Teams on Resolve’s PIONEER response tug completed the barge tie-down as they secured the barge to an existing outcropping using a 0.75” galvanized cable double wrapped around the rocks.  Using a 4 inch, 12-strand hawser line, the team encircled a pile cluster securing both ends on the barge holding the casualty in place until further plans are developed.  

Resolve Alaska Response operations in Alaska are diverse requiring an innovative team that is as committed to the environment as they are to our clients.

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