re-FISH.org Launches Recycle and Repurpose Campaign in Bangladesh

Credit: FSF
Credit: FSF

By The Maritime Executive 08-13-2019 06:27:00

The FISH Safety Foundation (FSF), a registered Charitable Trust, has recently received funding from Lloyd’s Register Foundation for a project to promote safety in the fishing industry in Bangladesh. 

Recognizing the dire need for equipment in this area, they have now launched an appeal to assist them with any used / unwanted good quality equipment.

The initaitive, re-FISH, focuses on re-cycling, re-purposing and re-using safety, vessel and fishing equipment and giving it to those that need it most. Initially collecting the used equipment at source and then shipping, and distributing where needed – starting with Bangladesh – through their global partner network. By re-furbishing donated gear, the plan helps to create local jobs, benefit local economies and provide ownership of the donated equipment. Beyond the immediate environmental benefits – ensuring that unused gear doesn’t end up in the landfill or worse, the sea – there are added benefits to the Bangladeshi fishing community in terms of improving safety outcomes, empowering communities
and helping to alleviate poverty.

It is important to note that it is not the intention of FSF to dump old, unusable or unsuitable safety and vessel equipment. re-FISH.org will work with local communities to recycle, recondition, re-use and re-purpose gear and equipment that is no longer used in other sectors of the international fishing community.

“re-FISH demonstrates the Foundation’s progress in helping reduce the unacceptably high injury and fatality rates in the fishing industry,” said Eric Holliday, FISH Safety Foundation Chief Executive. “To make our fishing communities strong, safe environments where everyone can thrive, we must continue to work together. We are thrilled with the response we have had globally since launching. Access to safety equipment, tools and resources will continue to be a key factor in reducing fatalities and our initiative makes it as simple as possible for fisherman to donate their gear. And it’s not only the fishing industry that can help – a good condition life jacket or VHF radio that’s no longer being used on a tug or a cruise ship is just as important to a fisherman with nothing.”

To donate or learn more about the global initaitive, please visit: www.re-fish.org

FISH Safety Foundation - an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving safety outcomes in the commercial fishing industry, please visit: www.fishsafety.org

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