Quality and Safety Milestones for Kotug Brunei

kotug brunei

By MarEx 2015-11-17 15:27:50

In October 2014 KOTUG started towage activities at the Brunei LNG terminal with a 100% local management team, three powerful Rotortugs and supported by its integrated company management system.

KOTUG specifically designed the company management system for the towage industry to increase operational output, HSE performance and all other activities undertaken by the company, both on board and ashore. Brunei LNG together with Brunei Shell Petroleum are working with OVID and OVMSA guidelines which are the industry standard that oil and gas companies follow. During a yearly Business Performance Review, KOTUG Brunei received great compliments for its performance and was classified for the Level 2 of the OVMSA standard.

KOTUG’s CEO Ard-Jan Kooren stated “I want to thank everybody who has been involved in making the KOTUG Brunei operations a success. Being accepted by our client on this OVMSA accreditation ladder is a recognition for our leading position in providing towage services with a strong focus on quality, health, safety, and environment and with the overall aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

A major contribution to KOTUG Brunei’s success has been provided by the regional and local management and well trained and qualified crew which have managed to achieve zero LTI’s and a reliable performance over the first full year of operations. Supported by the Brunei Maritime Academy and Brunei Government KOTUG is also grateful of being able to support local business development programs to train local cadets on board its vessels.

Haji Warithu, Operations Manager KOTUG Brunei said: “With the right tools, commitment and hard work we have achieved to maintain the safety standard in order that our crew and staff are working safely and efficiently. We set ourselves a benchmark in efficient and safe operation in a demanding environment and hostile offshore condition.”

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