Prevention at Sea's Oil Record Book is a Hit at Posidonia

Prevention at Sea

By The Maritime Executive 06-19-2018 09:20:01

Recognised by an increasing number of ship registries, Prevention at Sea’s Oil Record Book (ORB) software enhances the credibility, transparency and accountability of manual ORB entries
Prevention at Sea (PaSea) is pleased with the recognition received by its oil record book software during Posidonia.
Designed to complement the manual recording of oil record book entries and help minimise errors and mistakes that could lead to costly off-hires or PSC fines, the software (called ε-ORB) complies with IMO guidelines published in the last PPR5 for electronic record books (February 2018).
It is anticipated that electronic oil record book entries will replace the traditional paper ORB versions whenever MARPOL is amended, due to the more efficient process and reduced risk of errors occurring.
“During Posidonia we had enquiries from significant ship managers and operators keen to learn more about how our ε-ORB software can help their fleets,” said Petros Achtypis, CEO of Prevention at Sea.
“Being able to demonstrate on our stand at Posidonia the user-friendliness of the software and how it guides the user through simple stages to minimize mistakes was invaluable.”
“The printouts of our multi-award winning ε-ORB software are now officially accepted for review by major worldwide safety agencies such as the USCG and AMSA. This speeds up oil record book recording for vessels and reduces the risk of errors which can lead to possible detentions and huge fines.” 
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