PIRIOU Delivers 250th Aluminium Vessel for JANA MARINE SERVICES


Published Jan 28, 2021 2:38 PM by The Maritime Executive

PIRIOU has just delivered a 55m FPSV to JANA MARINE SERVICES – a Saudi provider of  best-in-class integrated Marine Services to Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.  Built by PIRIOU VIETNAM with a sea proven PIRIOU design, a dozen of vessels of this model were already delivered to various operators in the offshore oil industry. Several  modifications were brought to this vessel in order to answer the shipowner specifications - especially increased speed- which was achieved by implementing a new propulsion system,  making this vessel performance truly unique. 

Delivery took place on 25thJanuary 2021 at our Vietnamese shipyard, PIRIOU VIETNAM. The ‘JANA 21’ shall be exploited in the Arabian Gulf waters. This order from JANA MARINE SERVICES follows the delivery of two 41m FPSVs - ‘JANA 17’ and ‘JANA 18’- in 2017. 

PIRIOU group C.E.O. Vincent Faujour says: ‘We are glad that despite the complicated  situation with Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns everywhere, we still managed to deliver this complex vessel in time. We take pride in being always up to our clients’ expectations, even during such unprecedented times. Our PIRIOU VIETNAM team has proven yet again their capabilities and commitment, and hopefully this will  translate into JANA Marine advantage. We value our relationship with JANA Marine.  The loyalty of this customer confirms our ability to answer their operational requirements with the supply of our vessels and after sales services. 

Through this contract fulfilment, PIRIOU has confirmed its position as the French  leader for building high speed aluminium vessels. Thanks to versatile building  capabilities and according to customer priorities and vessel requirements, PIRIOU  offers the best compromise to choose either steel/aluminium or aluminium building’. 

Jana Marine C.E.O. Mohammed AlSubaie said: ‘Despite our concerns of delays  because of the Covid-19 lockdowns, and international travel restrictions, we are  appreciative of PIRIOU’s efforts in meeting the committed deadline.  This vessel has exceeded our expectations in speed and performance wise during  sea trials, this reaffirms our trust in PIRIOU’s capabilities and the high levels of  quality and reliability of their products.  

We are confident that the addition of this vessel to our fleet will further enhances our  reputation as one of the best marine service providers in the region and beyond, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work together again in the future’. 

FPSV 55w: a versatile and competitive vessel 

The FPSV 55w is a very versatile aluminium vessel able to perform multiple functions in the  oil offshore industry, including crew transfer and supply. Her sea proven design developed  by PIRIOU INGENIERIE features a straight hull improving performances and crew comfort  and offers a range of benefits: 

- Improved speed for the same energy consumption fully loaded or light  - Much reduced consumption at economical speed  

- Lounge equipped with seating for 60 personnel with maximum comfort - Also offering great autonomy (139m3fuel oil) and large cargo deck with 226 tons  capacity. Her waterjet propulsion grants her enhanced manoeuvrability and improved  safety thanks to the class 2 dynamic positioning system she is equipped with.

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