Panama Flagship Store Facilitates Successful Online Registry


Published Feb 19, 2021 5:08 PM by The Maritime Executive

COVID-19 has proven the importance of digitalisation for  maritime businesses. Various technologies reconstructed the business landscape due to  numerous social distancing measures. With the pandemic slowing down business activities,  digitalisation became an opportunity for some businesses to quicken their procedures and enhance service standards. The Panama Flagship Store is a maritime-oriented solution for  the industry to navigate the COVID-19 induced disruptions, and shift towards digitisation. 

Since December 2020, Integrated Maritime Management (IMM) enjoyed several successful  certificate and endorsement applications with Panama Flagship Store. The applications filed  include Panama Seaman Book for ratings and Panama Certificate of Competence (COC) for officers assigned to upcoming projects. IMM is an enterprise offering various maritime  services to international shipowners. 

Panama Flagship Store is a single point of access to the world’s largest ship registry for a  wide range of maritime services, without time-consuming manual procedures. Co-developed  by Marine Online, the portal facilitates all maritime applications including vessel registering, rew endorsements, and engaging Panama’s authorised service engineers for various inspections. All applications are directly endorsed by the Consulate General in the Panama  Embassy.  

Pleased with the seamless and efficient process, a representative from IMM strongly advocates digital applications through Panama Flagship Store. “It is of utmost importance for  us to provide operational-ready products and personnel for every client. During the COVID 19 pandemic, Panama Flagship Store proved to be an effective and efficient solution for us  
to obtain authentic endorsements and certifications from the Embassy without burdensome manual procedures. It also enhances our service standards to our clients. 

“Being the first ever maritime portal granting direct access to the world’s largest ship registry  online, Panama Flagship Store has effectively proven our industry’s ability to evolve by leveraging technology and innovation. Our seamless digital applications experience  diminished the uncertainties of maritime digitalisation,” he noted. 

Tiger Cai, Chief Operating Officer of Marine Online commented, “All manual applications  typically involve trips to the Panama Embassy in Singapore for submitting and verifying documentations. With our Panama Flagship Store, fast and direct access to several maritime  services at the Embassy is remotely available round-the-clock. We are very pleased to be  the first digital platform in Singapore’s maritime industry to successfully facilitate our clients’ transition to the digitalisation-based business landscape.

“Panama Flagship Store is one of our digital business offerings. Our Marine Online platform  offers seven other services; including bunkering, chartering and port agency services, with  the same seamless processes without the long and tedious procedures.” 

IMM’s representative added, “Marine Online’s team of experienced professionals was also  ready to assist at every step of our application process. We are extremely proud of Marine Online’s initiative and certainly recommend applying for certifications and endorsements  through the Panama Flagship Store.” 

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