OneStep Power Completes Equivalent Integrity Protocol Testing


Published Mar 27, 2022 8:58 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: OneStep Power]

OneStep Power Solutions Inc (OneStep Power) is proud to confirm the completion of the Equivalent Integrity Protocol testing aboard Harvey Energy.

Harvey Energy was the first vessel in North America being powered primarily by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The pioneering platform supply vessel (PSV) started operations in March 2015, serving deepwater offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Harvey Energy is the first ABS-classed dual-fuel (LNG/marine diesel) and battery vessel and the first U.S. flagged PSV equipped with a battery/converter system.

Significant emissions reductions have been observed, with Harvey Gulf International Maritime LLC (Harvey Gulf) citing CO2 reductions of up to 22%.

Harvey Gulf contracted OneStep Power to perform project management and validation testing to demonstrate compliance for their charterer’s marine risk program. The project required coordination and cooperation with Harvey Gulf, Wartsila, DNV and Kongsberg, who met weekly throughout the project.

“The commitment from Wartsila, DNV and Kongsberg to support this project really helped close the loop. When challenges were identified, our team was able to call on the right support to help us solve the problem and validate the solution. In the end, this project proved that with good collaboration, a range of hidden in-service failures can be identified and mitigated.” Mark Craig, President of OneStep Power. The testing program included an updated DP FMEA proving trials from DNV, and OneStep Power’s unique testing technologies such as ZeroDip.

New equipment and methods forrepeatable over-excitation and over-voltage testing were developed, and traditional power system testing equipment such as the Omicron CPC-100 also put into use. The program was performed in a series of stages, working around vessel and personnel availability.

The testing aboard Harvey Energy clearly demonstrated that even well-commissioned systems can hide potential failure points and benefit from an independent validation protocol.

Even with a robust DP FMEA and commissioning program, OneStep Power’s testing demonstrated that fine tuning of the system was required to ensure correct operation during a realistic fault.

According to Chad Verret of Harvey Gulf, “The Equivalent Integrity Protocol performed on Harvey Energy is the most comprehensive testing protocol we have performed on a platform supply vessel to date. The OneStep Power team not only understood the power systems but the operational needs of our business and our clients. After this extremely detailed testing and validation program, Harvey Gulf has full confidence in the ability of the vessel to operate safely with a single engine and batteries.”

Harvey Gulf’s CEO Shane Guidry commented: “OneStep Power was an important partner in this project as we move towards developing the industry’s most sustainable fleet. Their data-driven results and continued support have allowed us to demonstrate that safety and efficiency can be achieved together.”

Having demonstrated the vessel’s capability and provided data-backed evidence of it’s performance in realistic failure scenarios, Harvey Energy has commenced a data-collection program for the charterer while operating in closed bus with the hybrid system online.


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