Off-Load Marine Hooks are SOLAS Certified

off load marine hooks

By The Maritime Executive 2017-05-19 09:00:36

To stem the tide of accidents that result from failures of lifeboat quick release mechanisms and their incorrect usage, the IMO amended SOLAS Chapter III and the LSA Code. It also issued guidelines on the evaluation and replacement of OLRSS (on-load release and retrieval systems). Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks from Delta "T" Systems are not only the gold-standard in marine hooks, but the APR series are SOLAS certified and USCG approved.

Chapter IV of the International Life-Saving Appliances Code (LSA) notes, "…the mechanism shall open only when the release mechanism is operated with the boat fully waterborne…." This prevents the accidental lifeboat falls that cause injury and deaths.

A wide range of Cranston-Eagle marine off-load hooks are offered for almost any application, but they all have one thing in common: they will not open with a load applied. It's only when the weight is off—such as when the rescue boat is safely in the water—that the locking mechanism will open when the release cable is pulled.

Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks are manufactured from 100% stainless steel for unsurpassed strength and a long service life. Davit, crane fall, boat roof and open boat mounted off-load versions are offered. Lifting capacities range from 2–12mt.

"We're proud to be the agent for Cranston-Eagle hooks in the US, Mexico, and Central and South America, and confident in the safety that these off-load hooks provide mariners," said Michael Gabriel, of Delta "T" Systems. The devices are used by the US Coast Guard, US and Canadian navies, and countless commercial ships and oil rigs worldwide.

Delta "T" Systems is an exclusive agent of Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks. It offers sales, service and replacement parts, and conducts required five-year load testing and recertification.

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