Ocean Ice-Breaking Deck Cargo Barge Sold

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By MarEx 2016-11-21 15:32:18

Marcon International, Inc. of Coupeville, Washington is pleased to report the sale of the 205.0’ x 90.0’ x 15.0’ depth former ice-strengthened, icebreaker / cargo barge “Arctic Endeavor” from Crowley Marine Services of Seattle, Washington to Tagiuk LLC. The 3,029mtdw barge was built in 1982 by Gunderson Bros. of Portland, Oregon to support resupply sailings to ports in the Arctic while being pushed by two 2,100HP “Point-Class” tugs. The barge was unique in having a wide spoon shaped bow tapering aft from 90’ at its widest point at frame 25, a tapered hull under the waterline and a reinforced ice step.  

The “Arctic Endeavor” was converted in 1999 by Duwamish Shipyard to an ABS +A1, ice classed, double-hull oil response barge for use in the Beaufort Sea, northeast of Deadhorse, Alaska. The barge was laid up in Puget Sound at the time of the sale.   

New owners have renamed the barge “Tagiuk Provider” and are promptly returning her to Alaska from whence she came.  

Marcon has brokered over 100 sales and purchase on behalf of Crowley over the last 30 years, since the 1986 sale of their 132’ x 32’ x 12’ supply boat “Gulf Mariner” which had previously been employed in Cook Inlet, Alaska servicing offshore drilling platforms.  

Marcon has concluded a total of sixteen sales and charters this year including three ocean deck barges. Three 5,000HP+ twin screw and ASD tugs continue to be fixed on previously arranged long-term charters in the U.S. and Latin America. Several additional sales are pending.  

Marcon has brokered a total of 1,407 vessels and barges for sale or charter over the last 35 years, including 147 ocean deck barges totaling 891,874dwt.



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