Norwegian Electric Systems Delivers System for Icebreaker And Live Fish Carrier

Aleut vessel

By MarEx 2015-12-22 11:17:24

Norwegian Electric Systems recently delivered its first total electrical system for an icebreaker, hull no. 122 Aleut HD843 ICE, built at Havyard Leirvik for the Russian shipowner FEMCO.

Through the yard, NES has two identical ships ready for delivery in 2016.

Since the offshore supply market has been weakened, NES has chosen to focus on other segments such as:

- Fishing vessels
- Ferries
- Fish breeding
- Passenger/ cruise vessels
- Ropax
- Merchant

NES won a very important contract to Port of Tallinn for 4 ferries which amounts to 100 mill NOK and is welcome these days. One month ago NES signed a new contract with GMS for the delivery of a complete electrical package for the self-propelled jack-up rig “Evolution”.

Norwegian Electric Systems has received positive feedback from the ship owner FEMCO as well as the yard for an excellent delivery.

NES scope of supply:

2 x Norwegian Electric Shaft Generators 3000kVA, 1200RPM, 440V 
2 x Norwegian Electric AUX Generators 750kVA, 1800RPM, 440V
4 x Norwegian Electric Motors for thrusters, 1000kW, 1200RPM, 440V
4 x Norwegian Electric Y/D starters for thrusters 1000kW, 440V
2 x Norwegian Electric Transformers 250kVA, 440/230V
1 x Norwegian Electric Transformer 250kVA, 380/440V
1 x Norwegian Electric Transformer 60kVA, 440/230V
1 x Norwegian Electric Transformer 315kVA, 440/230V
1 x Norwegian Electric MSB 440V
1 x Norwegian Electric MSB 230V
1 x Norwegian Electric De Icing MSB 230V
1 x Norwegian Electric EMSB 440V-230V
1 x Norwegian Electric R.A.S. ® (Remote Assistance System)

- Calculations, Engineering, Electrical studies
- Project Management
- Commissioning, Sea trials

In addition to this hull no. 124 Namsos recently was handed over to NFT (Norsk Fisketransport). The vessel is a HD587 design built at Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik and is a development from “FS Stormy” which NES supplied the diesel electric system to in 2014. NES has delivered the propulsion system to hull no. 124 including commissioning and sea trial and the vessel is now ready for duty with a long-term contract for OMS (Oppdretternes Miljøservice). Tor Leif Mongstad, CEO in NES, says that the fishing industry is a huge and future-oriented segment for NES`products.

NES scope of supply:

1 x Norwegian Electric Shaft Generator 1200RPM/2500kVA/2000kW/440V   
2 x Norwegian Electric Aux Generators 1800RPM/1175kVA/940kW/440V      
1 x Norwegian Electric Motor for Bow Thruster 1196RPM/800kW/440V
1 x Norwegian Electric Motor for Stern Thruster 1800RPM/600kW/440V
1 x Norwegian Electric MSB 230V and 440V

1 x Norwegian Electric ESB 440/230V

- Load sharing modules for Aux Generators
- Project Management
- Electrical studies/ analysis
- Commissioning

“NES has during 2015 made some changes and restructurings that makes NES able to compete in a tight market,” says Tor Leif Mongstad. “Norwegian Electric Systems has built up a high capacity within energy storage/ battery hybrid and the company has already a test station for hybrid electric`s systems ready a

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