New Yacht Reference for Naval Dome Cyber Protection

The MY Lucky Me (Naval Dome)

Published Aug 30, 2018 6:10 PM by The Maritime Executive

Israel-based Naval Dome has successfully completed the installation of its multi-award-winning maritime cyber defence system to M.Y LUCKY ME, the 46m fast luxury yacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski and delivered from the Baglietto Shipyard in 2017.

The installation of the device took place this month during the motor yacht’s scheduled visit to Athens, Greece, marking Naval Dome’s entry into the luxury yacht market.

Paola Rossi, Vice-President, Marketing, Naval Dome, said: “Following assessment of the yacht’s operational profile, we tailored the Naval Dome system to meet the customer’s exact requirement. Once the bespoke work was complete we installed the Naval Dome Endpoint and carried out a series of checks to ensure everything was working as it should. The yacht’s Captain acknowledged that his onboard systems were working as they were before the install.”

The yacht management company that ordered the system said Naval Dome was selected because its product is “proven to protect” against any internal or external cyber threat without intervention from the crew. Installation took just one hour to complete, so disruption to vessel operations was minimal.

“The product is based on cutting edge, intelligence agency-grade technology, which is highly compatible with the standards our yacht owners expect,” said the yacht manager. “There is no need to train the crew or the captain and the routine work on the yacht goes on undisturbed. The Naval Dome solution is transparent to the crew.”

Speaking of the risk yacht owners face from cyber hackers, Naval Dome CEO Itai Sela said: “Luxury yachts incorporate some of the most sophisticated technology available, most of which is connected and can be operated remotely by the owner or crew. Advanced ‘smart’ technologies, however, can leave yachts and onboard systems susceptible to unauthorised access and operation. Naval Dome secures the yacht’s bridge, navigation, communication and machinery control systems to deliver maximum protection from any existing or future cyber security threat.

Naval Dome protection system for M.Y LUCKY ME was selected since yacht owners and managers are aware of the consequences of a cyber attack and understand the need to prepare for it and protect their assets.

The Naval Dome maritime cyber defence system is a Seatrade-award winning multi-layered system designed to protect all PC based systems operating onboard yachts from both internal and external cyber-attacks. The technology consists of an Endpoint device and secure Cloud technology. The Endpoint is installed on every critical PC based system onboard the vessel, providing numerous layers of protection against any cyber penetration events. The technology continued to defend even when vessels systems are not connected.

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