MITAGS-PMI December 2018 Courses


By The Maritime Executive 11-06-2018 08:50:00

Upcoming Courses at PMI - SEATTLE

To learn more about these courses please visit https://mitags-pmi.org/pages/maritime_courses_and_programs or contact Jenny Pitzen at jpitzen@mates.org.

Course Dates (2018)

ARPA: December 10-13

Advanced Firefighting: December 18-21

Advanced Firefighting Revalidation: December 3, 20

Basic Training December 10-14

Basic Training Refresher December 14-18

Basic Training Revalidation: December 17-18

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing 1-Day: December 14

GMDSS: December 3-14

Leadership and Managerial Skills: December 3-7

Medical Care Provider: December 3-7

Medical Person in Charge: December 3-14

Radar Renewal: December 14

Search and Rescue: December 17-19

Upcoming Courses at MITAGS - BALTIMORE

To learn more about these courses, please visit https://mitags-pmi.org/pages/maritime_courses_and_programs or contact MITAGS Admissions at admissions@mitags.org.

Course Dates (2018)

Advanced Firefighting Refresher: December 15-16

Advanced Firefighting Revalidation: December 20

Advanced Meteorology: December 3-7

Advanced Shiphandling II: December 3-7

Advanced Stability: December 10-14

Basic Training Refresher: December 17-19

Basic Training Revalidation: December 18-19

Bridge Resource Management for Pilots: December 19-20

Cyber-Skilled Mariner: December 10-14

DOT Drug and Alcohol Tetsing 1-Day: December 18

ECDIS for Pilots: December 17-18

Emergency Shiphandling 5-Day: December 10-14

Hazardous Materials: December 10-14

MEECE: December 3-7

Radar Renewal (Night): December 5, 12, 19, 20

Search and Rescue: December 17-19

Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids: December 3-14

MITAGS-PMI Offers Solutions for Upgrading From Mate to Master

MITAGS-PMI offers one of the most versatile and cost-effective routes to obtain your STCW Chief Mate to Master (CMM) certificates.

Mates upgrading to Master on Towing or OSV vessels subject to STCW must now complete a new series of training courses and assessments. These regulations, outlined in NVIC 11-14, can be confusing and difficult to navigate. MITAGS-PMI has taken the guesswork out of the process, and offers a 12-week U.S. Coast-Guard-approved CMM program.

Classes are offered at both the Baltimore and Seattle campuses. The next round of classes starts in January, 2019. To learn more, please contact Student Services specialist, Mrs. Jenny Pitzen at 206-739-0720 or via email at jpitzen@mates.org.

MITAGS-PMI publishes updated Simulation Capabilities and Facilities Guide

MITAGS-PMI has Simulation Research capabilities at our campuses in Baltimore, Maryland and Seattle, Washington. Our team of experts, strategic partners and simulation facilities are unequaled. MITAGS and PMI have built on this knowledge to provide sophisticated simulation services with specialties in the areas of custom full-mission ship simulation databases and models for operational research. Today, MITAGS and PMI leverage their collective strengths by sharing curriculum, instructors/staff members, technical knowledge, and a common set of goals.

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