MITAGS-PMI Announces Restructuring


By The Maritime Executive 08-10-2018 12:13:52

MITAGS-PMI has announced an operational plan to re-align the MITAGS and PMI campuses to enhance services for our students and companies. This streamlining allows MITAGS-PMI to take the next steps towards our commitment to operate as one school with multiple locations, expand our Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAP®), an improved focus on our operational research capabilities at both campus locations and implementation of the industry's long awaited Engineering Skills Assessment Program (ESAP®).  

Glen Paine, Executive Director, is now the NSAP® Director (gpaine@mitags.org, 443-989-3233) with Catie Gianelloni taking on the day-to-day Program Manager responsibilities (cgianelloni@nsap.com, 443-765-7020).  This is in recognition of the growing importance of NSAP® within the national and international maritime industry.  The oversight and auditing of the program will now be conducted at the highest levels of the organization.

Eric Friend, who was the Director of the MITAGS Campus, is now Director of both campuses (efriend@mitags.org, 443-989-3259). Dale Bateman, who served as Assistant Director for the PMI Campus, will be the Assistant Director for both campuses (dbateman@mates.org, 206-838-7422).  Emily Hopkins will be expanding her role of Business Operations Manager by filling this role for both MITAGS-PMI campuses (ehopkins@mates.org, 206-816-6598). Jenny Pitzen, Students Services Manager, will lead the Workboat and Maritime Apprentice Programs (jpitzen@mates.org, 206-739-0720).

This new structure will help facilitate the integration of courses that lead to original license (OIC) and raise of grade (mate to master). This will also help students be better prepared for the duties and responsibilities of their new licenses / certifications.   

The simulation / IT engineering support has been integrated under the direction of the Simulation Engineering and Operational Research Department Chair, Hao Cheong (eng@mitags.org). Colleen Schaffer has assumed the Lead Project Manager Position.  She will be overseeing all database development, hydrodynamic modeling, video production, and report writing. Bill Anderson has moved on from Director of PMI to become MITAGS-PMI technical consultant for operational research and other special technical projects, including the development of the ESAP® (bill.anderson@seasentries.com).  

These changes will help leverage the respective resources of the campuses to provide seamless training at the very highest quality levels and competitive prices. Stakeholders can expect continued advancement in simulation fidelity and consistency between the campuses for operational research and other special projects. These actions drive long-term change to further establish MITAGS-PMI as the leader in maritime training and simulation.

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