Missing Seafarers Reporting Program Fully Mobile Enabled

Missing Seafarers Reporting Program fully mobile enabled msrp

By MarEx 2015-10-26 12:55:14

Human Rights at Sea is pleased to announce that its Missing Seafarers Reporting Program online platform is now fully mobile enabled for all smart phones, tablets and mobile devices.

This facility is a requirement for keeping pace with technological advances and online use for ensuring that the Program can be easily accessible from mobile devices. This will allow a greater ability for immediate reporting of missing seafarers and fishermen globally.

Built by CData Ltd, Director Mike Robinson said: “In the age of mobile communications, it is vital that websites are not only usable on desktops and laptops, but on smaller screens too. Using the latest web technology we were able to build from the bottom up, a responsive layout design for the Missing Seafarers Reporting Program that is specifically written for mobiles and tablets without the need of additional scripts and forwarding that may have an impact on existing site performance.

In adapting the design and content for use on a mobile device, users are now able to visit https://www.missingseafarers.org no matter what device they are using, to submit reports, update reports and browse the database with ease”.

CEO of Human Rights at Sea, David Hammond, commented: “Supported by international donors led by Seafarers UK, we have been able to take this concept from paper to reality. The technical build of the Program has been necessary to assure a secure platform that can handle and manipulate the reports and evidence submitted. By making the platform fully mobile, we are now able to expand the accessibility for submission of reports to everyone with a mobile device, wherever in the world they may be.”

Barry Bryant, Director General of Seafarers UK, said: “Seafarers UK is very pleased to have been able to fund and support the development of the Missing Seafarers Reporting Program (MSRP) thus far. The technical development of a mobile version of the program’s Missing Seafarers’ Register is very welcome, and is in keeping with such a fluid and versatile workforce. Hopefully this will now aid the loved ones of missing seafarers in uploading information and documents more quickly and easily than before, and Human Rights at Sea, as it continues with its key aim of building an accurate international database of the status of seafarers missing at sea.

The Missing Seafarers Reporting Program

The Vision of the Missing Seafarers Reporting Program is to primarily support seafarers, fishermen and their families by the registration of seafarers and fishermen missing at sea through a secure, independent and international on-line platform. That platform is known as the ‘Missing Seafarers Register’ (“the Register”). The Aim of the ‘Missing Seafarers Reporting Program’ through the use of the ‘Missing Seafarers Register’ is to build an accurate international database of the status of seafarers and fishermen missing at sea on a global basis.

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