Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) Emerges as a Global Influencer


Published Jul 30, 2020 12:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

In only three years, Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) has earned the confidence of the Maritime Industry as being one of the first points of contact for advice and management of medical and health issues in the Maritime sector and beyond. Commercial Shipping and Shipmanagement Companies, Ocean & River Cruise Lines, Off-Shore vessels and Flag state authorities inclusive of Ship Yards, Ports and multinational companies have all benefited by utilizing MMS' unique combination of extensive maritime medical experience, thorough understanding of the industry and its verticals and unsurpassed service facilitated by worldwide network of industry leading partners.
Medical and health care at sea is a complicated and unique environment that few have been able to successfully address. Shipowners and ship management companies have limited resources and capabilities to provide and ensure a high level of care: from connectivity and bandwidth limitations, to the inability to synchronize real-time data from ship to shore, to daily regulatory and compliance violations. 

Dr. Tuelsner, founder and CEO of MMS, recognized the strengths and weaknesses faced by the industry and is proud to announce MMS’ Medical Advice @ Sea Program. The program, first of its kind, comprises of medical management and advise, fully integrated medical supply chain inclusive of real time onboard medical inventory management and chest certification, case & claim management by leveraging a network of 900,000 strong medical providers worldwide, facilitating for the full digitalization of all vessels by offering SeaCare and satisfying all compliance and regulatory challenges in collation with regular medical training and education of onboard personnel.
"This Ecosystem was made possible by MMS' established strategic partnerships with some of the biggest and foremost recognized providers in the maritime sector such as Tritan Software and Allianz Care" said Dr. Tuelsner.

"The result is a holistic real time data sharing community that provides seamless ship-to-shore connections to medical network providers, crews, telemedicine consultants and medical suppliers, in addition to comprehensive consulting services on all medical and health care issues"
With Tritan and Allianz’s help MMS clients are presented with effortless access to crew care,
proven cost savings and ROI:

  • Real Telemedical consults including video and call and transmission of vitals instead of mails only
  • Costs negotiation with medical providers and direct billing agreements 
  • Wellnesss programs, Mental Health support
  • Medical case management (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Medical referrals and disembark management
  • Doctor appointment scheduling
  • Medical Chest overview and management
  • Remote access and control to all medical related cases and issues from ship to shore and the other way around.

Tritan - Software
Tritan is the industry's leading provider of software platforms for health information and accident management. Tritan's extensive experience and specialized product suites are designed to meet the unique needs of the industry while delivering the highest value to its customers and a proven return on investment. Their focus on technological innovation and 24/7 service excellence has been the catalyst for their global success. Please visit https://tritansoft.com/ for more information.

Allianz Care
Allianz Care is a leading provider of international health and assistance services with a large number of companies in the shipping industry as well as multinational companies and intergovernmental organizations. For over 50 years, they have been the leading expert partner in the healthcare sector, chosen by companies that want to support their employees in an unpredictable world. Please visit https://www.allianz.com/en.html for more information.

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