MACN Asks Shipping to Help Map Out Corruption Hotspots


Published Jul 9, 2021 1:53 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) – a private sector Collective Action network representing 150 companies from across the maritime industry, is asking the industry to help in mapping out corruption hotspots in the port and maritime sector. The data colleted will feed into MACN’s Collective Action Strategy and inform which countries, ports, and corruption hot spots MACN should focus on when implementing its Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiatives in the coming years.

MACN has implemented Collective Action Initiatives in partnership with the industry, governments, and civil society since 2012. This approach has proven to be effectve in countering corruption in challenging environments such as Nigeria, Egypt, and Ukraine.

Fundamental to delivering results-focused Collective Action initiatives, has been a focus on countries and ports where the industry, government, and civil society recognize the urgent need for change. Data around corruption is used to support stakeholders that are prepared to collaborate to bring about the change and achieve tangible reductions in corruption at port level. MACN’s current hot-spot mapping is, therefore, a critical part of MACN’s future Collective Action Strategy. 

As a first step to mapping out corruption in the port and maritime sector, MACN is asking its members, the wider industry, and other relevant stakeholders to list the top corruption hot-spots where ships and seafarers face frequent and sever corruption challenges. The data collected, combined with MACN’s incident reporting data and additional datasets, will allow MACN to identify priority locations where MACN can begin to drive industry led Collective Action Initiatives with high likelihood of achieving change. 


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