LgMAR and SHIPNEXT Sign Partnership Agreement


Published Feb 12, 2020 5:08 PM by The Maritime Executive

LgMAR, a well known by the name of their Shipping related email software, and SHIPNEXT, a Digital Shipping Marketplace, have formed a partnership. This brings the shipping and chartering world to a new dimension which a majority of companies were long looking for - digital interconnectivity.

Over the last few years, the shipping sector in particular, and the transportation industry in general, has seen many individual startups trying to innovate workflows. The problem, however, was that none of them offered a complete set of solutions. It is these shortfalls that never actually allowed a broad use of any single solution, and so everyone stayed with their ever growing data flow and, predominantly, emails.

Interconnectivity, however, has been heard in the air for over a year now. Just as blockchain hype started to transform into actual understanding of the concept and the technology, companies acknowledged the importance of interconnectivity as a way of securing reliability of data flows.

Since its start in 2016, SHIPNEXT has developed a unique patented concept of processing emails and structuring the data for instant Cargo-to-Ship matching, and further, optional, freight trading on the Digital Shipping Marketplace. This allowed its users to either manage their internal emails flows, or, optionally, have their internal data enforced with data from the Digital Exchange - SHIPNEXT Marketplace, adding thousands of Cargo and Open Ship positions from the Marketplace. 

Uniquely SHIPNEXT covers both heavy-lift, as well as dry-bulk and wet-bulk cargo. In a few months, SHIPNEXT will also allow instant comparison of break-bulk freight with those of container freights.

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