Launching the VPMS 4310 Tank Monitoring System for Marine Applications


Published Nov 4, 2019 3:13 PM by The Maritime Executive

PSM Instrumentation has released its VPMS 4310 tank monitoring system for marine applications. The VPMS 4310 uses a new and improved VPM 4300 display panel, together with the company's RFM connection modules and APT1000 level transmitters, to create a complete tank monitoring solution with a centralized display and output to other systems.

The VPMS comes with a whole host of benefits, including:

- Simple set up and installation
- Low cost of installation
- Multi-drop interconnection for reduced cabling and remote programming
- Real-time display with option for data logging
- Data output to distributed display points and other shipboard systems

Each VPMS package is configured to the client's specific marine application, and PSM Instrumentation says: “We’re confident that once you see our new VPMS, you’ll agree with us that tank monitoring has never been easier!”

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