KR Technical Information for Safe Marine Transport of Electric Vehicles

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AFP-C(EV) Notation, For Safe Transportation of Electric Vehicles

Published Nov 14, 2023 10:30 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Korean Register]

KR has unveiled technical information to support the safe marine transportation of electric vehicles (EVs). This new guidance provides a practical and realistic understanding of the AFP-C(EV) notation, which has been developed by KR to strengthen safety standards for PCTCs (Pure Car and Truck Carriers)/PCCs (Pure Car Carriers).

The maritime industry is increasingly concerned about the safety of transporting electric vehicles due to the rising number of such vehicles being carried. There have already been instances of fire accidents involving vehicle carriers, and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and related organizations have underscored the importance of establishing safety regulations for the maritime transportation of electric vehicles. However, the process of developing comprehensive regulations is still in the discussion phase, and practical guidelines are not yet available.

In response to industry demands for safer EV transportation and the need for effective measures in case of EV-related fire incidents, KR has worked in collaboration with shipping companies and shipyards to introduce the AFP-C(EV) notation.

The new information helps to understand the requirements for the AFP-C(EV) notation, which includes fire detection and fire alarm system, fixed fire-extinguishing system, and fire- fighting equipment.

KIM Yeontae, KR Executive Vice President, said: “We believe that the newly released information on the AFP-C(EV) notation will provide our customers with practical and easy guidance for safe EV transportation.”

The technical information is available to all parties and can be downloaded from KR at www.krs.co.kr.

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