KPI OceanConnect Appoints Jesper Sørensen for Global Alternative Fuels Team

KPI OceanConnect
Jesper Sørensen, Global Head of Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets at KPI OceanConnect

Published Sep 10, 2023 3:03 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: KPI OceanConnect]

KPI OceanConnect, a leading global marine energy provider, today announces the appointment of Jesper Sørensen to lead its Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets team globally. Sørensen will direct KPI OceanConnect’s response to the energy transition from their office in Singapore, the world’s largest marine fuels market. 

Sørensen joined KPI OceanConnect in 2005 and worked as a Sales Manager in the company’s Singapore office before becoming its Managing Director. After four years in this managerial role, Sørensen will lead a team of six experts strategically located across the company’s global network of offices. The Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets team will provide consultancy across the group on alternative fuels, supporting traders as they work with their customers and partners to develop the long-term strategies that will be essential for their energy transition. 

The Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets team will be responsible for refining and delivering KPI OceanConnect’s green strategy, supporting the company to continuously innovate and share knowledge with the wider sector. The team will identify and evaluate decarbonisation pathways, while ensuring a stable supply of alternative fuels to enable clients to meet their sustainability goals. As the marine energy sector undergoes significant change, with new fuels, regulations and standards all coming to the fore, KPI OceanConnect is, with this move, well positioned to provide trustworthy and transparent advice for its partners across the globe. 

Building on KPI OceanConnect’s market-leading position in traditional fuels, Sørensen and his team will monitor the low-carbon and zero-carbon fuel options to provide knowledge and innovative solutions for change in the shipping industry to clients, partners and suppliers. By doing so, KPI OceanConnect is empowering business partners at a time where they start to build green energy strategies to meet the International Maritime Organization’s decarbonisation targets by 2030 and 2050. This will include working closely with the group’s AuctionConnect team to integrate alternative fuels into the digital platform and continue to deliver alternative fuel solutions for clients across the globe. 

Anders Grønborg, CEO at KPI OceanConnect said: “I am excited to see one of KPI OceanConnect’s longest standing and most progressive team members take on a new and vital role in our business. Jesper is well known for applying his knowledge and passion in everything he does, which will no doubt be a huge advantage for all stakeholders as he leads the group’s efforts in this important area. At KPI OceanConnect, we are dedicated to supporting the shipping industry’s green transition and continually monitor developments in the marine fuels industry to understand and educate our clients about the decarbonisation pathways available to them. As a leader in the marine fuels market, we recognise we have a responsibility to take an active role in advancing sustainability in the sector, and we continue to invest resources to support this.”

Grønborg continued: “Jesper brings vast experience of the marine fuels market to his new role, as well as a deep commitment to sustainability that is an important value for KPI OceanConnect as a leading global marine energy solutions provider. With his team delivering our alternative fuels strategy, we are shaping a cleaner and more prosperous future for the maritime industry.”

Jesper Sørensen, Global Head of Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets at KPI OceanConnect said: “To support our business partners, KPI OceanConnect intends to be at the forefront of the marine energy industry’s transition, now and in the coming years. The Alternative Fuels and Carbon Markets team is focused on ensuring that through innovation and partnership, we can deliver the right solutions for our traders and their customers and suppliers. Ship-owners will be able to take verified action to minimize their environmental impact through responsible fuelling practices, GHG emissions reduction and transparency in the fuel supply chain.

"Working with existing suppliers and those new to the industry”, Sørensen continued, “we continue to provide expertise on last mile delivery.”

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