Kongsberg Maritime Signs Over Nok 400 Mil 2020 Shuttle Tanker Orders

shuttle tanker orders

Published Nov 13, 2020 12:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

Kongsberg Maritime has revealed that during 2020 it won contracts for 12 of its highly advanced Shuttle Tanker concepts, with a value totaling over NOK 400 million.

Business has been buoyant for Kongsberg Maritime in the shuttle tanker market, despite global disruption.

Shipyards in South Korea and China are building the vessels, which are destined to operate between offshore installations and onshore plants in Norway, Brazil, Canada, and China. Common to all vessels is the integration of advanced, fault-tolerant, automated onboard systems, and solutions to optimize operational efficiency, safety, reliability, and sustainability. To this end, the new vessels will be equipped with a full complement of products from all divisions within Kongsberg Maritime, including Dynamic Positioning & Manoeuvring, Propulsion & Engines, Sensors & Robotics, and Deck Machinery.

“This abundance of shuttle tanker orders would be good news at any time,” said Brynjulv Standal, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime. “To achieve these figures in 2020 with the additional challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic is nothing short of remarkable. We are delighted to support what is clearly an active and growing market, whose specific demands we are uniquely placed to address.

“Investing now in our integrated shuttle tanker concepts, encompassing smart energy management strategies and fewer service requirements, will greatly improve fleet performance, leading to an ongoing, long-term reduction of OPEX and a simultaneous reduction in emissions.”

Kongsberg's shuttle tanker concept has been designed to maximize operational efficiency through the integration of advanced onboard products and solutions. Fault-tolerant systems deliver reliable, predictable performance while minimizing any risk to the environment and the safety of the crew.

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