Kongsberg Digital Signs Contract with Rocktree to Digitalize 'RT LEO'

Rocktree’s Supramax size Bulk carrier RT LEO
Rocktree’s Supramax size Bulk carrier RT LEO

Published Dec 23, 2021 5:41 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Kongsberg Digital]

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has signed a contract with Rocktree, a leading transshipment company based in Singapore, to provide its Vessel Insight technology for the Supramax size Bulk carrier modified to an Offshore Floating Terminal (OFT) ‘RT LEO’. Vessel Insight will collect critical data to increase efficiency and reduce emissions and operation costs of the vessel.

By subscribing to Vessel Insight, Rocktree will support its digitalization strategy of opening up a control center to monitor its global operations. Together with the Vessel Insight Customer Success team, Rocktree plans to develop dashboards to measure cargo moved in tons/hour, fuel consumption, monitor emissions and benchmark its vessels. As teams are geographically separated, especially during the pandemic, online solutions and more hack solving software has gained momentum and encouraged Bulk Carrier operations to look more closely at digitalization to help improve efficiency. Rocktree is well familiar with the Kongsberg portfolio - with many vessels in their fleet using the Kongsberg Maritime K-Chief & Autochief systems in addition to deck machinery and Tunnel Thrusters. Digital transformation using Vessel Insight in the fleet helps to achieve product synergies resulting in greater savings through operational optimization.

“We are especially pleased with the Rocktree contract,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President, KDI. “Historically, the Bulk carrier segment has been a bit slow in terms of digitalization compared to Tankers and Offshore, so this is a healthy sign showcasing that digitalization is beneficial for the entire shipping sector. Collecting data, both historical and real-time, will lead to competitive advantages in terms of more efficient decisions based on advanced algorithms. We are happy to see that Rocktree has grasped the importance of digitalization in the shipping sector by embarking on this journey with Vessel Insight.”

While in dry dock, the integration of Vessel Insight with KM’s ‘K-Chief 500’ were successfully installed in a fast and effective way due to the good collaboration between the ‘RT LEO’ Vessel Crew, Kongsberg Maritime Engineers and the Vessel Insight team.

“We fully understand the point of rapid transformation that the industry is under, and the demand to focus on increasing operational efficiencies to improve sustainability and the impact on the environment,” says Giovanni Colotto, Head of Fleet, Rocktree. “Transparency and access to data is at the heart of developing this pathway to sustainability, creating a baseline of knowledge from which to operate where we can determine the current emissions output, in conjunction with actively monitoring and analysing the performance of our operations to generate insights and improve efficiencies. The collaboration with Kongsberg will help us significantly to improving the sustainability of our operations, as well as our offering and services to our customers through the efficiency gains that we deliver.”

KDI’s Vessel Insight is a cost-efficient data infrastructure solution that enables shipowners and operators to start their digitalization process. While Vessel Insight collects and contextualizes data from vessels, applications on top use the necessary data to solve a predefined set of Key Performance Indicators. By subscribing to Vessel Insight Rocktree will gain access to the Kognifai Marketplace, a network consisting of 3rd party, market leading software applications, that can be utilized by shipowners and operators to assist in becoming more sustainable and to gain a competitive edge in the industry. Along with the application integrations, the contract also enables Rocktree to utilize the Microsoft Certified Power BI connector and API’s to make tailored analytics. The Kongsberg Digital Customer Success Team will assist Rocktree in meeting their identified targets through the Vessel Insight infrastructure and the applications available through the Kognifai Marketplace.

“Data in itself is just an enabler of value, the true value added lies in the structured insight and utilization of data. Rocktree is now positioned to extract real time sensor data through Vessel Insight. Their digital journey can now commence to start exploring the opportunities this brings to enhance performance,” says Erlend Holberg, Customer Success Manager at Kongsberg Digital.

The installation process of Vessel Insight aboard the ‘RT LEO’ was concluded during the dry dock in December 2021.

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