Jumbo Loads the Most Powerful Mobile Harbor Crane in the World


By MarEx 2016-07-14 16:47:53

Jumbo's heavy lift vessel Fairlane loaded two LHM-800 Liebherr cranes; the most powerful mobile harbor crane in the world. The two impressive cranes have been extended in order to be able to unload the largest modern container ships available in the world; the Post-Panamax vessels. Each crane weighs 490 tons and measures 57.4 meters height. The loading operation of the two cranes took place in Rostock (Germany) and both cranes are destined for Montevideo in Uruguay.


Fairlane is a vessel of Jumbo's H-class family; relatively small in length but very powerful vessels which are able to lift impressive cargoes up to 800 tons. These vessels have proven to be able to offer a very cost effective dedicated service for their clients all around the world, since 2001. Fairlane is just one of Jumbo's Heavy Lift Vessels which is employed for international heavy lift transport. Jumbo's versatile fleet has lifting capabilities up to 3,000 tons offering its clients flexibility and reliability. Jumbo’s services range from transporting large and heavy pieces of equipment requiring maximum lifting capacity and outreach, to smaller, lighter cargoes and to calling at small, underdeveloped and shallow water ports.

Best offer

Jumbo and Liebherr have been working together for several years and Jumbo has safely transported multiple cranes for Liebherr. It is for this long-standing relation that Liebherr was able to offer an affordable, reliable and dedicated service for its client Montecon.

The most powerful mobile harbour crane

According to Liebherr, the LHM-800 is the most powerful mobile harbor crane in the world. Owing to its huge dimensions, the crane handles large freighters with a width of up to 22 rows of containers. Thanks to its maximum lifting capacity of over 300 tons, the crane is particularly suitable for the handling of heavy industrial goods. The bulk cargo capacity of this giant is also unique at 2,300 tons per hour.

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