INTERTANKO Releases Standardized Gas Form C for LPG and LNG 18


Published Dec 18, 2019 5:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

INTERTANKO has released updated Gas Form C forms for LPG and LNG with the intent on standardizing both the forms themselves and the information provided on them. At present, a large number of Gas Form Cs are company-specific, often referring to commercially sensitive information such as speed and consumptions, which can alter throughout the stages of a vessel’s life. These new forms will assist INTERTANKO Members, as well as the industry at large, with improving the quality of the documents that are publically available.

“The role of the Gas Form C was identified as an Owners’ document that is predominantly used during the negotiation of a deal. Through INTERTANKO’s Gas Tanker Committee working group, it was noted that a lack of standardisation was working against the positive changes being made in the wider market to provide consistency and clarity”, explains INTERTANKO’s Commercial and Markets Manager Claire Georgeson.

“We focused on removing all commercially sensitive information from these forms and, working with industry partners, aligned them into one easily recognisable form. The key is education and helping Owners to identify what information is standard and what is negotiable.”

The forms will be co-hosted on the Q88 platform. Fritz Heidenreich, President of Q88 LLC, said: “Standardising these forms for the LPG/LNG sectors improves the efficiency of how the industry handles such information. We are pleased to assist INTERTANKO in this project.”

The two forms are available to download from both the INTERTANKO and Q88 websites: WWW.INTERTANKO.COM Gas Form C for LPG



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