HVAC Design Considerations for Heavy Polar Icebreakers


By The Maritime Executive 02-22-2018 04:29:00

A recent report from Bronswerk Marine titled “HVAC Design Considerations for Heavy Polar Ice Breakers” highlights some considerations that may not currently be addressed and affect the ability of HPIBs to perform safely and reliably in the extreme conditions encountered in Arctic waters.

The report, which was prepared by Adam Smith, the firm's vice president of naval and governmental projects, is meant to initiate a technical discussion of potential solutions for the Heavy Polar Icebreaker (HPIB) program. Bronswerk feels normal design approaches in shipbuilding practices may not currently address safety and reliability at the extreme environmental conditions to be encountered in Arctic waters, and this affects the HVAC design considerations for HPIB’s.

This report looks at how when considered early in the design process, redundancy can be increased while decreasing through-life vessel operating costs of Coast Guard HPIBs.

Vessel HVAC standards were not developed for extremely cold and extremely hot climates, ones which the HPIB will face on route to Antarctica over the equator from North America, and Bronswerk intends to raise the concern that there is no true baseline for HVAC design of ice breaking vessels. This may lead to potential risks/problems only being encountered at sea trials rather than early in the design process.

Bronswerk’s report covers various onboard areas including solutions for hangars, high occupancy areas, and impact to compartment arrangements, structural design, and safety critical zones.

As icebreakers operate in remote areas with little opportunity for re-supply or repair assistance, this report looks to provide advice for key systems related to redundancy which are traditionally only applied to combatant vessels in less harsh climates.

For more information or discussion please contact Adam Smith, VP Bronswerk Group adam.smith@bronswerkgroup.com or Derek Murphy, Engineering Sales Manager, Bronswerk Group derek.murphy@bronswerkgroup.com

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