Human Rights at Sea Launches New Legal Research Program


By The Maritime Executive 01-22-2017 04:18:09


Human Rights at Sea has launched its innovative legal research program as part of the expanding charitable work published through its online maritime human rights platform.

Established earlier this month, the legal research program provides a free public platform for seafarers, fishers and students from around the world to showcase their academic work in tackling maritime human rights issues that are important to the charity and that are in support of the charity’s charitable objectives.

Led by the headline of: “You Choose - You Research - We Publish - We Promote,” the charity will highlight the topics and areas to be researched. A topic is chosen by a person who has an interest in that area. They research that topic undertaking legal review, drafting and analysis before submission to the charity. The charity will review the submitted material and if accepted, will publish it through the legal research program platform for international dissemination and review. The author(s) will be fully credited.

David Hammond, CEO, commented: “The charity continues to heavily invest time and effort in the future development of all ‘human rights at sea’ subject areas and which it has explicitly pioneered since early 2014. I am further driven to provide every opportunity for professional development to all persons who wish to demonstrate their abilities of legal research, drafting and analysis on the topics that we are seeking to advocate about. Investment in people and the provision of such new opportunities to showcase individual academic effort is key to underpinning our wider charitable work.”

The first five research topics are: 

1.  The interplay between human rights and labor rights.
2.  Effective remedies for human rights abuses at sea. What are they? 
3. Can flag states be effectively held to account for abuses under their flag administration? 
4.  Business and human rights frameworks in the maritime environment. What works?
5.  How do emerging soft-law initiatives affect global maritime policy?

The first submission has been made on the topic of: “Human rights and labour rights: A legal Review of the two sets of rights and the interplay between them.”

For further information and to download submitted material: https://www.humanrightsatsea.org/research-programme/

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