HudsonAnalytix Completes MARAD Grant for Port Cybersecurity Assessment


By The Maritime Executive 04-04-2018 07:31:00

HudsonAnalytix, Inc. and its subsidiary HudsonCyber are pleased to announce the successful completion of a United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) Cargo Handling Cooperative Program (CHCP) grant to perform cybersecurity capability assessment workshops at three U.S. ports. HudsonAnalytix’s HACyberLogix-informed assessment approach enabled these ports to cost-effectively assess their entire organizational cybersecurity capabilities and identify cybersecurity capability vulnerabilities. The results from these workshops will support MARAD CHCP in leading the adoption of cyber risk management best practices across the U.S. port industry.

Rob Quartel, Chair of the CHCP and former Federal Maritime Commissioner, said, “The United States Maritime Administration and the Cargo Handling Cooperative Program are pleased to have sponsored this project, which covered ports with geographic, cargo type, and cargo tonnage diversity. We are eager to continue working with the port industry to implement the recommendations and best practices included in this report.”

Recipient of Lloyd’s List 2017 Digital Innovation Award, and endorsed by North of England P&I, and powered by NTELX’s iDMX technology, the HACyberLogix platform uniquely combines more than 30 years of maritime risk management expertise with current cybersecurity expertise, capabilities, and best practices via an intuitive electronic interface that delivers meaningful cybersecurity guidance, insights, recommendations, and trend analysis capabilities to decision-makers. Designed to foster collaboration across an organization, HACyberLogix informs where and how port and maritime organizations should best and most efficiently allocate precious resources, enables them to benchmark their cybersecurity capability progress over time, and helps them sustain their long-term cyber risk management efforts.

Erik Smith, Director of Internal Controls of the Port of Albany, noted, “We were pleased to work with the Maritime Administration and HudsonAnalytix on a cyber workshop. Like physical risk, understanding and mitigating cyber risk is an important topic within the maritime industry regardless of a port’s size. The workshop process was thorough, fast, and really helped us understand what steps we can take as we manage our cyber risk.”

HACyberLogix also incorporates the latest cybersecurity standards from the US National Institute of Standards & Technology, the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Controls, and the ISO / IEC 27001 guidelines. Even more, it aligns with the International Maritime Organization’s International Safety Management and International Ship and Port Facility Security Codes, factoring in existing activities port and maritime stakeholders are already performing that are not readily identifiable as cyber-specific, but nonetheless support cybersecurity capability maturity.

Andrew Baskin, HudsonAnalytix Vice President of Global Trade and Policy, stated, “HudsonAnalytix is thrilled to have used our HACyberLogix platform and methodology to provide the ports with a roadmap of recommendations to support them on their journey toward more mature cyber risk management. We are looking forward to working with the Maritime Administration and the Cargo Handling Cooperative Program as they continue their leading role in the U.S. port industry on the subject of cyber risk management.”

If you would like to schedule a private HACyberLogix demonstration or would like to receive more information on maritime cybersecurity, please contact HudsonCyber at:
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