Harvey Gulf Announces Completion of Conversion of 5th TriFueled Vessel


Published Jun 5, 2022 11:59 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Harvey Gulf]

Today, Harvey Gulf announces completion of conversion of its fifth Tri-Fueled vessel that runs on renewable LNG, making this fleet the only Carbon Neutral Offshore Supply Vessels in the World.  Harvey Gulf also completed a sixth vessel with battery power, creating the world’s largest fleet of Tri-fuel and Dual-fueled Oil & Gas Service Vessels and the only ones in the United States of America.

CEO Shane Guidry commented, “I have the only company in America operating the most technically advanced vessels with the most eco-friendly emissions systems in the world today. Not one of my competitors have taken steps to transform their fleets into Dual- or Tri-Fueled Vessels, let alone any type of emissions reduction. I began this journey 13 years ago and I can honestly say it has paid the largest dividends of any service vessel in the United States of America. My company will continue to be the leader in America with technology that has lowest emissions reduction, years ahead of our competitors.”

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