Harris Pye To Benefit From Mosbaek Group's US Relationships


By MarEx 2016-06-22 13:51:27

The global Harris Pye Engineering Group has appointed the Mosbaek Group of Miami, Florida to actively sell their services in the USA, concentrating on two key sectors – the cruise industry, and the tanker vessel industry.

“We are delighted to have this association in the USA with the Mosbaek Group,” explains Harris Pye’s Managing Director, Mark Prendergast. “There is very distinct synergy between our two organizations. The Mosbaek Group has developed key relationships in the Miami area; and has great depth of knowledge of the cruise industry in general in the USA, and, importantly, knows that we can supply clients with a wide range of services.

“Working closely with our business development team, Mosbaek will be concentrating on promoting nearly a dozen key spheres in which our strengths lie in such areas as:

•Exhaust gas scrubber for both pre-fabrication and installation

•3D scanning a design

•Ballast water treatment

•Main and auxiliary boiler repairs and re-tubing

•Skilled labour supply

•Electrical and instrumentation

•Full turnkey projects

•Outfitting and stainless steel

•Steel work and conversions

•Piping (all materials)

Engineering design, general retrofit and upgrade works

“The most important key word for me as owner of the Mosbaek Group is ‘trust’,” explains Kim Mosbaek, President of the Mosbaek Group. “We are proud that with more than 30 years in sales (over 20 in Scandinavia; and more than 10 in the USA with the marine industry) that we know what it means, and takes, to have good collaboration with, and between, customers and vendors.

“We are very excited to be a Harris Pye team member and believe we can both benefit positively from the collaboration.”

Mosbaek has a background in selling electrical engineering, custom designed stainless steel, offshore productions, and building long term customer relationships.

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