Globalstar Keeps the Business Running For New Jersey Fishing Fleet

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By MarEx 2015-08-28 09:12:36

Fishing is life for Adam LaRosa and the crews of his two charter fishing boats, the Canyon Runners, and they proudly call Point Pleasant, NJ home base. More often than not, the life of fishing takes Adam well outside of cell coverage when fishing off the coast of New Jersey from May – November and then off the coast of North Carolina from December – April. “We’re on the phone for 2 hours a day, sometimes communicating with home base. We rely on our Globalstar phones to conduct business when out on the water.” Both of Adam’s Canyon Runner sport fishing boats have a Globalstar mobile satellite phone mounted in the GIK-1700 Install Kit, allowing them to communicate while inside the boat. The install kit utilizes Globalstar’s pole-mounted marinized helix antenna that is installed on the top of the boat’s tower. “The external antenna gives us call clarity that is better than any of your competitors. We can call home to get fishing conditions, relay locations or, if need be, report any mechanical problems.”

Bought Globalstar Service 15 Years Ago and Still Pleased

Adam purchased his Globalstar phone and service 15 years ago because of its affordability and ability to give him peace of mind when fishing. Adam has continued to stay with Globalstar for many of the same reasons, stating, “It has continued to be the most affordable form of communication, allowing us to conduct our business effectively when out on the water.”

Over the years, data connectivity has proven to be more and more crucial to Adam’s business. Adam has recently found it difficult to fully communicate and run his business while out on the water without a constant data connection. After learning about the capabilities of the all-new Globalstar Sat-Fi®, the world’s most powerful satellite hotspot, Adam is looking forward to being able to send and receive emails, download weather reports and even send pictures from beyond the reach of cellular. “I want and need Sat-Fi to be able to keep business going when out on the water. I can’t wait to get it.”

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