GE Strengthens Its Presence in ASEAN and China

DP console

By MarEx 2016-11-03 11:30:58

• Jason Electronics is appointed as GE’s value-added reseller for its Seastream DP systems

• The agreement allows more customers in the ASEAN and China region to benefit from GE’s latest digital marine solutions

• The technology will be showcased at OSEA2016 International Conference in Singapore

GE’s Marine Solutions (NYSE: GE) has appointed Jason Electronics Pte. Ltd. (Jason Electronics) as its value-added reseller for SeaStream dynamic positioning (DP) systems in the ASEAN region and China.

Through this appointment, Jason Electronics will have reselling rights of GE products in the aforementioned regions. With expansive regional presence in all key ASEAN markets and a strong customer base, Jason Electronics will help GE provide proven system solutions to more customers.

“The collaboration between GE and Jason Electronics ensures that GE will acquire a long-term reliable partner in key regions. It also provides Jason Electronics with one of GE’s latest digital marine innovations in the quest to further expand the offshore marine coverage in the market,” said Tim Schweikert, president and CEO, GE’s Marine Solutions. “This partnership is a first of its kind and will allow GE to expand its customer base, meaning more customers will benefit from the advanced digital marine solutions provided by GE.”

Jason Electronics is a listed company with over four decades of industry experience, offering a wide range of technologies in the navigational and communications equipment solutions. It shares GE’s value when it comes to integrity and compliance. Jason Electronics will also enhance the package by adding region-oriented features, allowing the products to cater for local customers’ needs.

Thanks to the formed partnership, more salesforces as well as skilled field service engineers will be added to GE’s sales and services portfolio in these regions.

GE’s latest SeaStream DP system is a mariner-focused solution, enhancing situational awareness and rebalancing attention from system management to true seamanship. Its user-friendly, human machine interface provides unprecedented flexibility for effective maritime operations. The system incorporates an energy-efficient mode, which allows operators to optimize fuel consumption, therefore helping to reduce operational costs and emissions. The system uses predictive software to anticipate position variation and uses advanced algorithms to optimize vessel heading to further reduce power consumption.

This year at OSEA2016 International Conference (Nov. 29–Dec. 2), GE’s SeaStream DP systems will be showcased at Jason Electronics’ booth, 1R3-07, ready to support customers with asset optimization, operational excellence, and the tools to support the marine industry’s sustainable growth.

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