Fluid Bed Chosen for Safe Submarine Transport

Credit: Syncrolift

Published Jan 30, 2020 5:25 PM by The Maritime Executive

Thyssenkrupp submarines have been supplied to the navies of 20 countries around the world. When the experienced German industrial company had a transportation requirement, the Norwegian based company Syncrolift AS came up with the solution.

As a result, for last projects Syncrolift AS was chosen by Thyssenkrupp Marine System due to most appropriate solution for the actual docking and transfer case. The Syncrolift fluid bed was regarded as the best solution for safe submarine transfer between shiplift and the service building.

Thyssenkrupp Marine System decided to follow the Norwegian recommendation after a thorough evaluation. By acquiring the Syncrolift transport solution, in a combination with adjusted docking pallets, it turned out to provide several benefits; In addition to the safe transfer solution for handling of submarines required, the customer of Thyssenkrupp would also be able to use both their already existing Syncrolift system as well as the existing rails.    

Customized transport trolleys

The “fluid bed” in question is not like the waterbed you might find in a sleeping room. At the shipyards the fluid bed is a term for a set of hydraulic cylinders integrated in the transport trolleys, ensuring a soft and perfect distribution of the submarine loads during transfer. 

To transport the submarine type in question, several customized trolleys have been designed. - This is a type for trolleys where we have more than 30 years of experience and continuously develop to make the Syncrolift and a Transfer system as one system, says general manager of Syncrolift AS, Rolf-Atle Tomassen.

Owner of the Syncrolift® brand

The contract between Tyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH and Syncrolift AS is agreed, and the design process will be completed shortly. Final deliveries are planned for 2021. By then the customized “fluid bed” will be manufactured, installed and tested.

The company Syncrolift AS has for more than three decades been a large and important supplier of ship-handling solutions for shipyards all over the world. The major well-known product from the company is the Syncrolift shiplift, where the company is owner of the registered trademark Syncrolift®. Transport systems for shipyards and other products for fast and safe docking solutions are also part of the specialized product portfolio.

“This kind of solution is a win-win to all of us, the customer, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Syncrolift.  As we see it, it is a good example of how professional discussions and tailored solutions can lead to excellent results for all parties,” says Rolf-Atle Tomassen, at Syncrolift AS.

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