Flowmeters for Heavy Fuel Oils to 200°C

kral flowmeter

By MarEx 2015-11-11 16:03:20

For more than 20 years, KRAL AG has been developing and manufacturing systems for the measurement of fuel consumption. At the heart are KRAL Volumeter® brand flowmeters. Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO) that are used in marine diesel motors have to be preheated to approximately 150°C in order to achieve the desired viscosity. The maximal operating temperature of the KRAL Volumeter in the OMP (Oil Meter Performance) series is 200°C, this guarantees reliable measuring values and operational safety when used in such systems. This underpins a core competency of the company: consumption measurement in the circulation lines for systems relying on HFO. In order to reach a good level of precision in differential measurement for the entire system, high measurement accuracy for the individual flowmeters is absolutely essential. KRAL Volumeter are meant for such applications due their high precision of ±0.1% of the measuring value.

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