Fishermen’s Human Rights Report for Ascension Islands Published


By The Maritime Executive 12-17-2018 12:43:41

Human rights at Sea has published a commissioned report undertaken by the charity’s not-for-profit trading consultancy Human Rights at Sea International Ltd, which is a comparative independent assessment of the potential risks to the welfare and human rights of fishermen operating within the Ascension Island Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) onboard foreign flagged tuna longline vessels.

This is the first review of its kind and which has been undertaken specifically looking at the tuna fishing fleets operating in the Atlantic. The report is produced on behalf of RSPB and forms part of their collaborative work as part of the Great British Oceans coalition and campaign.

Founder and Trustee, David Hammond, commented: “We thank RSPB for their kind permission to publicly reproduce this new report and highlight its nine key recommendations which may be used to assist policy development in the focus area of enhancing fishermen’s welfare and human rights protections in foreign flagged tuna fishing fleets licensed by the Ascension Island Government.”

The report is available here.

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