First Delivery of Veth Jet Channel Bow Thruster to Mischa Shipping Turkey


By The Maritime Executive 2017-11-21 21:03:09

A very special event took place during the Europort Rotterdam for Veth Propulsion. The contract for the delivery of the very first Veth Jet bow thruster type 4-K-1300 to the Turkish customer Misha Shipping was signed there.

“Of course we have already built many Veth Jets over the years," says Martin van der Jagt, Veth's General Sales Manager. Veth Propulsion has already delivered almost 4000 thrusters worldwide and the Veth Jet was invented by Jan Veth in 1969. In 2017, the majority of inland marine vessels are using a channel bow thruster. “We are proud that our broad experience in channel bow thrusters has now led to the fact that Turkish cargo ship "Mohican" will sail with our bow thrusters," van der Jagt says proudly.

In collaboration with Amat Engineering, the Turkish agent of Veth Propulsion, this deal has been closed. Owners Tando?an and Hilda Özmen visited the factory of Veth Propulsion on Tuesday and they were so impressed by the factory, the references and performance of the Veth thrusters, that they immediately decided to purchase a Veth Jet. At least, the signing of the contract at the fair two days later proves that.

The vessel is being built in Turkey, but will sail on the Russian Volga river. This river is similar to the Rhine, but nowadays most vessels are still using the traditional tunnel bow thruster. Because of the low draught of both rivers, the Veth Jet channel bow thruster is much more suitable for vessels sailing here. “Our expectations are that several tankers will follow and most of those vessels will use a Veth Jet in the near future,' van der Jagt said.

About Veth Propulsion

Veth Propulsion is a customer-oriented international manufacturer of auxiliary propulsions and propulsion machinery for ships. This family company, which was established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands, is a global player and a leader in innovation, quality, flexibility and speed and it provides employment to 150 people. Our employees make the difference and they are proud to work for Veth Propulsion.

Our core business is the production of rudder propellers and bow thrusters, generator sets and the supply, service and repair of diesel engines. Veth Propulsion is a dealer for Scania and Sisu Diesel. Veth Propulsion has been synonymous with innovative developments in the shipping industry for various customer groups for many decades now. For more information, please visit http://www.vethpropulsion.com/.


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